Supplements, Treats, Grooming and Dental Products

Good nutrition is the foundation of everyday good health and happiness for the whole family, including our pets. To make sure they are getting the right nutrition, our pets can often benefit from targeted supplements formulated for their specific needs. With research-proven ingredients to support a quality diet, your dogs and cats can thrive with our supplements.

Whether feeding our pets a supplement or a fun, tasty treat, our dogs and cats deserve the best. That’s why we also offer a line of dog treats made with high-quality ingredients. Show your love by giving a lean treat your dog will love.

PetsPrefer® treats and supplements are veterinary-formulated with delicious, natural flavors. They contain no artificial colors or added sugars. To accommodate your pet’s intolerances or dietary restrictions, our products are soy-free and corn-free. Many are also gluten-free.

In addition to supplements and treats, we offer grooming and dental products. We’ve developed dental treats and chews that support your pet’s oral health for fresh breath, and healthy teeth and gums.

PetsPrefer® pet care products are specially formulated by the Pet Wellness Professionals and manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients.